1. by Ibe on June 29, 2015  7:28 pm Reply

    Watching live from Birmingham, United Kingdom. I miss home. I see my mum's cute heart and I can't stop smiling at my Dad's voice. :)

  2. by Endurance Omale on June 30, 2015  8:37 pm Reply

    God is working wonders

  3. by Endurance Omale on December 31, 2015  9:59 pm Reply

    Showers of blessings in 2016. Praise the Lord.

  4. by Akwu David on December 31, 2015  10:21 pm Reply

    watching live from Anyigba

  5. by chapel of freedom Anyigba on December 31, 2015  10:38 pm Reply

    Watching live from church auditorium..He's worthy

  6. by Chubiyojo on January 13, 2016  4:52 pm Reply

    Chubiyojo watching live from GRA lokoja

  7. by John Silas on March 16, 2016  10:50 am Reply

    2cr 20:20 i quote, believe in the lord your God so shall ye be established, believe in His prophet so shall ye prosper. Bishob John Ibenu is a true devouted, dedicated, and hardworking man of God. More grace to your elbow.

  8. by Enejo Stephen on June 28, 2016  4:43 pm Reply

    Watching live from Houston Texas

  9. by Akwu David on June 28, 2016  5:47 pm Reply

    God@work...Watching live from Anyigba branch...

  10. by Nugwa Stephen on June 28, 2016  7:47 pm Reply

    Live from Gombe State. Jesus is faithful!

  11. by CHAPEL OF FREDOM ANYIGBA on June 29, 2016  6:31 pm Reply

    Watching Live from Anyigba!!!

  12. by Enejo Stephen on September 29, 2016  6:57 pm Reply

    Powerful message, whoever God has cursed no man can reverse

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