Daily Faith Diet - Timed

{ontime:'2022-02-11'-'2022-02-12'}Date: Friday February 11, 2022.

Text: Ecclesiastes 11:1-6. Stop procrastinating. Do something now (v.4).

Message: Don’t wait for a perfect condition. Don’t wait for “all things being equal”. Things will never become perfect or better. You are the one to impose your will on your future with dogged, deliberate and determined action. Whatever you need to do, start it now, start with what you have and start it where you are. Don’t wait till tomorrow.

Song: I’ve got my mind made up/We are marching forward...{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-02-12'-'2022-02-13'}Date: Saturday February 12, 2022.

Text: Matthew 20:1-9. Say NO to laziness and idleness.

Message: God hates laziness; God hates idleness. Look for a place to work even if it is not in the field of your training. Have something doing while you are looking for the desire of your heart. If you take the first step, God will give you an extra mile. Step out and watch someone, assist someone and perform one then you will stand on your own.

Song: Making melody in my heart/We are marching forward …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-02-13'-'2022-02-14'}Date: Sunday February 13, 2022.

Text: John 3:16. Spread God’s love around.

Message: Tomorrow is Valentine Day. Our God is the greatest lover who gives unconditional love (Agape). We must not stand idly while the world shows sensual love. Let’s fill the world with God’s love. Buy a gift for someone tomorrow. Give someone a sense of belonging. God will bless you as you sow love seeds.

Song: I need you, you need me …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-02-14'-'2022-02-15'}Date: Monday February 14, 2022.

Text: Job 29:11-25. This is Valentine’s Day. Be a blessing, show a little kindness.

Message: The Ministry and Mission of Job were very clear. He was eyes to the blind. He was feet for the lame, father to the poor, etc. Let us be world changers for God. Let us love the world on behalf of the Lord. The world is sick and the medicine is the love of God. Get a gift for someone today and tell them God and Father of Jesus Christ says I should give you this.

Song: Thank You Jesus, for the love that …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-02-15'-'2022-02-16'}Date: Tuesday February 15, 2022.

Text: Luke 19:12-19. Put your talent to work.

Message: Every one of us has at least one talent. For some, it is their head, others hand, others leg (football), others fist (boxers), others in mouth (speakers and comedians), others in creativity, etc. Now, start immediately to discover your TALENT and put it to work for profiting. You will end up a Financial Ruler in your city. This week will bring you good fortunes, start now.

Song: Things are getting better/I can see everything turning around …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-02-16'-'2022-02-17'}Date: Wednesday February 16, 2022.

Text: Luke 19:12-19. Be a Top Thinker/Super Thinker.

Message: How can they give everyone one talent each and one gained ten (10), another gained five (5) and another gained nothing but condemnation. Use your talent wisely. Be a Top Thinker. Don’t let anyone think for you. Make the clearest maximum profit. Think creatively and act creatively. Remember to pray and pay your tithe.

Song: This is the air I breathe/You are the pillar that holds my life …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-02-17'-'2022-02-18'}Date: Thursday February 17, 2022.

Text: Luke 14:16-20. Excuses will rob you of a colourful destiny.

Message: Excuses will always be available. If you give in to excuses, you will never succeed. Excuse is a thief of a colourful destiny. Take responsibility for your success. Blame yourself for your failures. Don’t be a Mr. Excuse. Adam blamed Eve for their failure. Don’t find excuse for non-performance. Do something now. Get out of blame game. Take your life in your hand.

Song: Holy, Holy, Holy is our Lord God Almighty/I put my hand in Your hand O my God …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-02-18'-'2022-02-19'}Date: Friday February 18, 2022.

Text: Judges 12:1-5. Take your life in your hand.

Message: Take responsibility for your success and your future. Don’t wait for anyone to do it, you do it. Get out of blame game and quit pity party, “I waited for your help, you did not come”. But Jephtha prayed and took his life in his hand and God stepped in. if you step out, God will step in. Use whatever you have to get to where you want to go. The world is a hostile place, seize it by storm of determination. Don’.t accept failure, there must be a way.

Song: I will lift up my eyes …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-02-19'-'2022-02-20'}Date: Saturday February 19, 2022.

Text: Proverbs 24:26. Solve problems and soar to the top.

Message: The secret to rising to the top is by providing answers to questions in human lives. Solve problems for your mates, colleagues, community and your name will get on their lips. Joseph, Daniel, David, Jesus and the rest all were solvers of problems. Then you should learn to commercialize it for money.

Song: Yahweh (2x), You are glorious/Who is like unto Thee... {/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-02-20'-'2022-02-21'}Date: Sunday February 20, 2022.

Text: Malachi 1:6-8. Honour God with a befitting offering.

Message: Today is Sunday, what type of offering are you giving God today? Give one that is of Honour and Reverence so that your person will be accepted joyfully in God’s presence. Beyond that, God will make other people give to you. Honour begets honour.

Song: Hallelujah (2x) for the Lord God Almighty…{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-02-21'-'2022-02-22'}Date: Monday February 21, 2022.

Text: Malachi 3:6-18. Covenant walk with God.

Message: When God begins to bless you based on all these, keep your covenant partnership with God by paying your tithe and honoring God with befitting offering. Beyond your labours, you need the blessing and favour. It is tithing that will secure and keep your favour line open. Pay your tithe now and always.

Song: Ascribe all greatness to our God/Majesty …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-02-22'-'2022-02-23'}Date: Tuesday February 22, 2022.

Text: Luke 6:38. Let’s open the flood gates of blessing.

Message: Jesus is the one who said we should be givers to God and to others. When you do so, God will open doors for you to receive and turn people’s heart to giving to you. The key to receiving is giving. Open this flood gate today as you give to God, your Pastor and others.

Song: Give and it will come back to you …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-02-23'-'2022-02-24'}Date: Wednesday February 23, 2022.

Text: 1 Samuel 1:9-17. Vow a battle seed today.

Message: The message of prosperity produces health, long life, wealth, fruitfulness and victory in battle. Today as you read this, if there is something you need so badly and it has eluded you so far, Vow an expensive vow and tie the seed to a particular need and let us trust God together for a miracle. Call me and let me know your vow. This day is your own Hannah Day and your reproach will be rolled away. Vow a battle seed for today.

Song: He is able, more than able …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-02-24'-'2022-02-25'}Date: Thursday February 24, 2022.

Text: Exodus 23:25-28. Service will lead to prosperity.

Message: When you serve God in your church and to your Man of God then God will take it upon Himself to bless your bread, your water and multiply your seed sown. Don’t pursue money so much that you do not have a commitment in church. Serve the Lord and see. Don’t let business keep you away from God. Make your money bow to your God.

Song: That wonderful name, Jesus …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-02-25'-'2022-02-26'}Date: Friday February 25, 2022.

Text: Deuteronomy 28:1-14. Prosperity is conditional.

Message: If we obey what God says and we do His commandments, then the blessings will follow us. But if we do not obey, then we DEPRIVE ourselves of the blessings and the covering we have from the Lord will be threatened. He that covers his sin shall not prosper. Proverbs 28:13. The blessings shall follow me in the name of Jesus Christ.

Song: I have no power of my own/Amen Amen …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-02-26'-'2022-02-27'}Date: Saturday February 26, 2022.

Text: Proverbs 10:22-23. Connect with God’s blessings through undivided obedience.

Message: The blessing is the Spirit of God that empowers to prosper. It is the “blessing of the Lord” that brings riches, honour and peace. Any blessing that has no peace is not prosperity from God and it will lead to sorrow. Let us connect God’s blessing through obedience and covenant practice.

Song: Create in me a clean heart …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-02-27'-'2022-02-28'}Date: Sunday February 27, 2022.

Text: Proverbs 28:13. The first enemy of our prosperity is sin.

Message: If in search of prosperity we get involved in sin, we become the losers. If because we have money we start sinning, we will soon run dry. Anyone that covers his sin shall not prosper. We must not sell our conscience and our soul in pursuit of money. Righteousness exalts a nation.

Song: Lord I give You everything I own/The Lord that doeth...{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-02-28'-'2022-03-01'}Date: Monday February 28, 2022.

Text: 1 Timothy 4:8; 9:15; 6:6-12. Greatest prosperity is godliness.

Message: Your soul is more important to God than all the money in this world put together. If you have Christ, you are the richest. Remember godliness opens doors to profitability (4:8) in the life that now is and of that which is to come. Be content with what you have. Godliness with contentment is great gain, so follow after righteousness and godliness like Joseph. It will pay you with bonuses.

Song: Lord I give You my heart, I give You my soul …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-01'-'2022-03-02'}Date: Tuesday March 1, 2022.

Text: Hebrews 11:1-6. Faith makes the difference.

Message: Faith is like breathing, we live by it, don’t talk it down, but embrace it. The just shall live by faith. By it you will obtain a good report that will overthrow the doctors’ report. Believe the Word of God. God is on your side. Create what you need with your faith. Declare you are healthy now.

Song: We’ve come thus by faith …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-02'-'2022-03-03'}Date: Wednesday March 2, 2022.

Text: Hebrew 11:7-8. Faith will save you from destruction.

Message: Faith works through obedience. It takes obedience to read through the Bible. It takes obedience to confess your healing. God is warning you today, get born again now, stay away from sin, give your life to Jesus and inherit righteousness today. It is obedience that saved Noah from destruction and it is counted as faith.

Song: I’m a new creature …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-03'-'2022-03-04'}Date: Thursday March 3, 2022.

Text: Hebrew 11:9-19. Receive strength to conceive in Jesus’ name.

Message: Faith draws, pulls, magnetizes and attracts virtue for miracles. This is your day. All those looking for children in their marriage, I command you to receive strength to conceive today in the name of Jesus Christ. IT IS POSSIBLE. Your miracle is possible. Possess your possession. Confess your expectation. Ever other person, use your faith to draw your expectation.

Song: I will lift up my eyes/Give thanks with a grateful heart...{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-04'-'2022-03-05'}Date: Friday March 4, 2022.

Text: Hebrew 11:20-30. Winners walk by faith.

Message: All these people walked by faith. Faith is accepting what God says and obeying it for your good. If God says “give”, walking by faith means you have to release your seed. Refuse to be called by any unwanted name. Faith will spare you in the face of destruction. Confess your expectation not your experience, refuse to be called a sickler. You are healthy in Jesus’ name.

Song: We are marching forward/We are marching in the light …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-05'-'2022-03-06'}Date: Saturday March 5, 2022.

Text: Hebrew 11:31-40. Faith is a spirit and a force.

Message: Faith made the walls of Rahab’s house to remain standing when other houses fell. Faith made the spirit of death to be defeated and a dead boy came back to life. You cannot see faith with the natural eye but the manifestation can be seen. You shall not be put to shame. You shall stand. Your only son shall not die but live. I bind the spirit of death and release life for you in the name of Jesus Christ.

Song: With God all things are possible/There is nothing the Lord cannot do …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-06'-'2022-03-07'}Date: Sunday March 6, 2022.

Text: Hebrew 10:32-39. Don’t give up your confidence.

Message: There is a reward for walking by faith. There is a reward for patience. There is a reward for the delay you have been going through. Your miracle will come. There shall be no more delay. Don’t draw back or backslide because of the delay. Return to the Lord today and right now. Don’t give up. You will win.

Song: Only You will I serve/Na so so wonder …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-07'-'2022-03-08'}Date: Monday March 7, 2022.

Text: Exodus 14:13-31. God will fight for us.

Message: Dear child of God, you have what it takes to divide your red sea. The Word of God and the name of Jesus Christ are your rods today. (v.15). This month you SHALL MOVE FORWARD in a most miraculous way. Angels will fight for us today. God shall bury all the Egyptians pursuing you and then give you rest roundabout.

Song: If it had not been for the Lord …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-08'-'2022-03-09'}Date: Tuesday March 8, 2022.

Text: Hebrew 12:1-4. Resist sin with every force in you.

Message: As you go into this week and this day, remember that people are watching you. Your testimony must not be tarnished. Purity and holiness involves ENDURING pressures from ungodly people who want you to compromise. The degree of the unbelievers around us is PHD that is Pull Him/Her Down. When it is coming, it does not appear so, it looks subtle but when they are through and you yield, you will be down, lose your peace and testimony. Don’t yield to temptation today. Resist sin, honour God and keep your testimony.

Song: The Lord is my strength and salvation …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-09'-'2022-03-10'}Date: Wednesday March 9, 2022.

Text: Hebrew 12:1-4. People and Angels are watching you.

Message: Yield not to temptation. For yielding is SIN. Each victory will help you, some others to win so fight manfully onward. Fight so that you can subdue dark-world passions. Look ever to Jesus, He will carry you through. Ask the Saviour to help you, comfort, strengthen and keep you. He is willing to aid (help) you. He will carry us through others.

Song: What a friend we have in Jesus …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-10'-'2022-03-11'}Date: Thursday March 10, 2022.

Text: Hebrew 12:5-13. Other manifestations of God’s Love.

Message: The gospel of bread and butter only is a deception. The Love of God compels Him to chasten us with correction, rebuke, pointing some of your weaknesses and to make you better. He does this through the Pastors and preachers. Beware of the spirit of pride that leads to offence. Don’t take correction and rebuke as hatred. Accept all godly corrections so that you will not end up a bastard or as a spoilt child. Don’t make a ship wreck of your faith. Accept correction with joy and become a better person.

Song: Let the Lord have His way …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-11'-'2022-03-12'}Date: Friday March 11, 2022.

Text: Hebrew 12:12-17. Without holiness, you will not see the Lord. (You will not experience His blessing).

Message: Let us encourage one another, raise the fallen and restore backsliders. Let us stop discussing one another at the back and let us rather help the fallen to stand up. Let us embrace a life of holiness for without holiness, no eye shall see the Lord. Stay away from Bitterness, Fornication, Worldly pleasures and such things as are sinful, for they will hinder us from seeing the Lord.

Song: My body is Your sanctuary/I will make my life …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-12'-'2022-03-13'}Date: Saturday March 12, 2022.

Text: Hebrew 13:1-6. Keep your marriage bed undefiled.

Message: Sex outside marriage is fornication. A married person having extra-marital affair is committing adultery. It is gross unfaithfulness and defiling of marriage bed. Where is the fear of God in your heart? Where is the Love of God and your spouse? The Bible says that God will judge all adultery and fornication. Flee from them today. Don’t be carried away by the perversions in the world today. Choose to say NO TO SIN and remember to ask the question, “How do I do this?”

Song: Create in me a clean heart …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-13'-'2022-03-14'}Date: Sunday March 13, 2022.

Text: Hebrew 13:7-16. Follow this pure faith (Whose faith do you follow?).

Message: If you follow this series of messages, you have no fear for your end. Beware of diverse doctrines that kill your conscience and destroy fear for God. Remember that we are only pilgrims (visitors) here and “here we have no continuing city, but we seek one to come” which is the New Jerusalem where we shall live forever and ever with Jesus Christ. May you not be absent from there. Give your life totally to Jesus Christ. place a value on your soul.

Song: I’ve got my mind made up …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-14'-'2022-03-15'}Date: Monday March 14, 2022.

Text: Hebrew 13:17-25. Obey the authorities over you.

Message: Be obedient to the church and at the subgroup level. Wife, obey your husband, children obey your parents in the Lord, servants, obey your masters and your bosses in your working place. Be an example of believers. Don’t be a source of concern in the group. Don’t cause division and don’t be an example of rebellion. Obey and pray for those set over you.

Song: All hail the power in Jesus’ name …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-15'-'2022-03-16'}Date: Tuesday March 15, 2022.

Text: Joshua 1:1-9. You can make it.

Message: Whatever Moses did, you will accomplish your own. Moses may be dead, but God is not dead. Get ready to move by faith, make your impact and possess your possession. It takes a Lion’s heart to have the Lion’s portion and the righteous is as bold as a Lion. Be of good courage. Meditate on God’s Word, confess the promises of God and act on them. You can make it.

Song: Jehovah You are so good …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-16'-'2022-03-17'}Date: Wednesday March 16, 2022.

Text: Joshua 2:1-13. Hospitality can save your life.

Message: Do not neglect to entertain strangers for in so doing you may entertain angels unaware. The people Rahab is saving today will be the contact for her preservation tomorrow. Also note that no matter who you are, God can use you, so don’t look down on yourself. Make yourself available. May God give you uncommon connection today.

Song: Oh that men would praise the Lord …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-17'-'2022-03-18'}Date: Thursday March 17, 2022.

Text: Joshua 3:1-17. God will magnify you before men today.

Message: It is time to move forward. Stop all your procrastination. God will make a way even where there is no way. You shall experience supernatural miracles, healings, favour and divine intervention today. I command every obstacle in your way today to open up in the name of Jesus.

Song: For this God is our God …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-18'-'2022-03-19'}Date: Friday March 18, 2022.

Text: Joshua 4:1-14. Training is the key to progress.

Message: Verse 4 reads “Then Joshua called the twelve men whom he had prepared/trained, of the children of Israel …..” If you do not take time to train your men and women, then you would not have men to help you CARRY YOUR LOADS. It was the men he prepared and trained that carried the load. Develop the man power around you, then you will have extra hands, brains, eyes and legs to help you.

Song: Who is like unto Thee …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-19'-'2022-03-20'}Date: Saturday March 19, 2022.

Text: Joshua 5:1-9. Your reproach is rolled away.

Message: Every form of shame, reproach and insult of Egypt around you is taken away today. This day is your own spiritual Day of Gilgal. I don’t know what it is that you need God’s intervention for but I pray for you today that the hold of Pharaoh over your life is broken and your reproach is rolled away in the name of Jesus Christ. renew your walk with God by cutting off unwanted things from your life. This is your Day.

Song: Be magnified O Lord …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-20'-'2022-03-21'}Date: Sunday March 20, 2022.

Text: Joshua 5:10-15. God has gone ahead of you.

Message: Before Joshua arrived at the wall of Jericho, God was already there as the Captain of the army of heaven. Your fear has been taken care of. God has taken over, your battle. The tide has turned in your favour, your walls of Jericho will collapse today. This year, you will possess your possession. This is your Day.

Song: Messiah is the King of kings …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-21'-'2022-03-22'}Date: Monday March 21, 2022.

Text: Joshua 6:1-11. God has given us this land.

Message: The wall is not your problem anymore. The shut gates should not intimidate you. Every closed door shall be open. The mighty men of the city shall bow before us. All we need to do is to connect with the Spirit of God for Heaven’s strategy. Once that is done, the rest is news. Father, thank You for giving us the key to the land.

Song: I will call upon the Lord …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-22'-'2022-03-23'}Date: Tuesday March 22, 2022.

Text: Revelation 3:7-13. This is our day of Open Doors.

Message: This week is a week of Open Heaven, week of Open Doors, week of Open Windows, and week of Open Hearts. The door for child bearing is opened for someone today, walk into your desires in Jesus’ name. the hand that opens doors is going before you to open your iron gates.

Song: I’m going higher/God will make a way …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-23'-'2022-03-24'}Date: Wednesday March 23, 2022.

Text: Joshua 6:12-27. Don’t touch the sacred portion.

Message: To obey is better than sacrifice. This is their first battle in the promise land. All the spoils from this war is FIRST FRUIT and TITHE and they belong to God. The instruction is very clear for all to obey and honour the Lord. As God blesses you this week, don’t forget to pay your tithe and give your first fruit.

Song: Oh that men would praise/He has given us victory …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-24'-'2022-03-25'}Date: Thursday March 24, 2022.

Text: Joshua 7:1-12. Don’t walk by sight.

Message: The temptation to walk by sight and fall back on the arm of flesh is with every one of us. It is very easy to get carried away with one achievement and success and start to walk in assumption. Let us always seek the face of the Lord before doing anything. The angel of His presence shall go before us.

Song: When the weight of this world …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-25'-'2022-03-26'}Date: Friday March 25, 2022.

Text: Joshua 7:13-26. Are you an Achan in the house/church/subgroup?

Message: Achan disobeyed the Words of the Lord. His transgression led to the death of 36 people. We have Achans today in the church, in the choir, among ushers, in Leadership. Are you the cause of problem in your house or subgroup? Dear Achan, stop your sin and restore what you have taken. Pay up your tithe. Confess and forsake your evil ways from today.

Song: Lord I need you/Come and take Your place …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-26'-'2022-03-27'}Date: Saturday March 26, 2022.

Text: Joshua 8:1-3. You need to strategize.

Message: No opponent is small. No battle is weak, it takes strategy to win. In your business, you need strategy. Politicians do strategize. Church growth and subgroup growth needs strategy. We acquire strategy through prayer and information about our encounter. Go and strategize to win. Don’t wait for things to happen, you should make them happen in a creative way.

Song: In the Word of God, there is Power …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-27'-'2022-03-28'}Date: Sunday March 27, 2022.

Text: Joshua 8:14-35. Failure is not final.

Message: Never ever accept defeat and sit down. In the last encounter, the Jews lost but this time around they won. Never ever quit because you failed. Winners don’t quit and Quitters never win. Go back again, try again and you will win.

Song: He is able, more than able …./ The Lion of Judah has broken ...{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-28'-'2022-03-29'}Date: Monday March 28, 2022.

Text: Joshua 9:1-12. People will submit to us.

Message: God will cause our fame to spread abroad. Peoples, tribes, nations and religions shall submit to us and to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Our rods shall swallow the rods of Jannes and Jambres. God shall give us speed and rest in this year in Jesus’ name.

Song: What manner of man is Jesus/Jehovah reigns ...{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-29'-'2022-03-30'}Date: Tuesday March 29, 2022.

Text: Joshua 9:13-27. Always be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Message: You shall not be deceived by the deceivers. The Gibeonites came and lied to Joshua and without asking God, Joshua entered into a covenant with them. This is the second time Joshua is acting presumptuously. Always seek the face of the Lord, and listen to the whispering of the Holy Spirit. God is still speaking, we are the only one that cannot hear. I command your spiritual ear to open to God in Jesus’ name. Beware of pretenders and deceivers.

Song: Holy Spirit, be my Comforter ...{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-30'-'2022-03-31'}Date: Wednesday March 30, 2022.

Text: Joshua 10:1-14. Master of the sun and moon.

Message: When God began to give them victory after victory you can see faith at work. It was by faith Joshua commanded the sun and moon not to move and they did not move for 24 hours. You my dear reader can apply the same faith. Walk by faith, pray by faith and act by faith. Victory is yours in Jesus’ name. Dare to try.

Song: Messiah is the King of Kings/That wonderful name, Jesus …{/ontime}

{ontime:'2022-03-31'-'2022-04-01'}Date: Thursday March 31, 2022.

Text: Joshua 11:15-25. Beware of unconquered cities (v.22).

Message: Joshua has done a lot, but there are still unconquered territories. They did not conquer them and they became thorns in their flesh. In verse 22 we see that the same Gaza that was left became the place Samson was taken to grind mill. Gath was the town that later produced Goliath and the six finger men and Ashdod produced the men that conquered the Ark of the Covenant in the days of Eli. What an irony. Similarly my brothers and sisters, you have some unconquered habits troubling you. Destroy the destroyers of your testimony today by prayer and faith in Jesus’ name before they destroy you. It shall not be our portion in the name of Jesus Christ. arise and destroy the destroyers.

Song: I have decided to follow Jesus …{/ontime}



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