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  • It is rightly said that a man who stands for nothing will fall for almost anything. As his life was coming to an end, Joshua made his stand to follow God with his family very clear. Many years before this time, he had been privileged to have been among those who went out to spy the land of Canaan an... [read more]
  • If there was any time we needed God to arise and help us, it is now! We live in times that it is clearest that life can truly be unfair. People get shortchanged in spite of their hard work and honest efforts. The rules of the game are changed only when it gets to your turn. People you have never kno... [read more]
  • One of Moses’ main bone of contention with God concerning God’s choice of him to be the midwife of Israel’s salvation from Egypt was the question of God’s identity. It becomes very important when we look back at Moses’ first experience at trying to do his people good. The question he was asked was a... [read more]