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  • One of the most boring or so it seems, sections of the Bible to read are the sections like Matthew 1: 1- 17 where time is taken to list out the ancestral lineage of Jesus Christ. It sounds boring because it does not seem to say anything more than who lived and gave birth to who before they died. Tod... [read more]
  • The world is so full today of fakes. People are most of the times not who they claim to be and so, distrust reigns. People relate with each other with great caution and restraint, always ready to do or turn to something or someone else in case their partner fails them. The memory capacity of our nat... [read more]
  • No one can counter the fact that this world is full of enemies who have sworn to hurt you, even for no good reason. This got so bad for David that he had to acknowledge that they were too strong for him (Ps 18:17). No one can gainsay the fact that life has been full of ups and downs for you. No one ... [read more]
  • Several times I have heard people talk to themselves in the most offensive way. Especially when friendship goes sour and love has turned to hate for several ungodly reasons, you could hear one say, ‘I hate you’ and it will not be strange to hear the reply, ‘the feeling is mutual’ meaning, ‘I hate yo... [read more]
  • Don’t be scared. Don’t be quick to say ‘God forbid’ yet. Who wants to add more weight and stand the risk of being a victim of things like hypertension or cardiac issues and all that medical science have told us obesity brings, apart from financial pressures of having to change your wardrobe often? ... [read more]