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  • It is true that until a man learns to keep in view and give thanks for what was and what is, he will never qualify to experience the great things which are to comeA major problem today is that men easily forget the faithfulness of God in the past when faced with current challenges. They begin to com... [read more]
  • As we focus on faith this month, it becomes expedient for us to know that faith is all about submitting to the will of God. It is all about enforcing the will of God in our lives and in our world. If we say we are people of faith we must be so and be seen to be so. In Mark 11: 15- 17, it is writt... [read more]
  • One basic thing we must all know is that, your environment has the tendency to define the outcome of your life. The characteristics of your town have a way of showing up in your life and where such characteristics are undesirable, your life may turn out un-enviable. If the land is unfertile, the... [read more]
  • God does things on earth but through men. This is in line with Psalm 115:16 “The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD'S: but the earth hath he given to the children of men.” God has given man dominion on earth so in His respect for the order He has set, He seeks men to use for His divine purpo... [read more]
  • Giving is central to the Christian faith. The central theme of Christianity is the love of God for man expressed through the loving and sacrificial giving of His best for man to meet man’s need for redemption. God has always been alive to the needs of man and everything He did and does is centered o... [read more]