It is rightly said that a man who stands for nothing will fall for almost anything. As his life was coming to an end, Joshua made his stand to follow God with his family very clear. Many years before this time, he had been privileged to have been among those who went out to spy the land of Canaan and at that time, he declared his faith in the ability and willingness of God to give them (Israel) the land in spite of the fact that the gigantic nature of the giants was as real as their own smallness. He did that at the risk of losing his life because the bible said that when he and Caleb took that minority position in Numbers 14; 6- 10, the people, in verse 10 got ready to stone them to the death.

Now in Joshua 24: 15, after all he had seen and after all that God had done to prove Himself true he again declares, not only for himself this time but for his entire household, “… but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

The time has come for us to make a stand for God, not just alone but with our family. You may not be able to save the world but it will be a failure if you could not save your family by the grace of God. Noah could not save the world of his day but he at least saved his family members. Even if it is only you that is born-again in your family, it is time for you to begin to consciously lead your family to God.

Jacob had to do this in Genesis 35. He told his family in verse 2 and 3, in the words of the Message translation of the Bible, “Jacob told his family and all those who lived with him, “Throw out all the alien gods which you have, take a good bath and put on clean clothes, we’re going to Bethel. I’m going to build an altar there to the God who answered me when I was in trouble and has stuck with me everywhere I’ve gone since.”

If we want to have families that are godly, we must take definite steps to lead them to God. We must begin to let our family members know who God is to us. We must begin to share testimonies of how God has helped us. Fathers and mothers must be quick to let their children and spouses know how God has led us from where we were to where we are now. Our family must stop looking at us as God and start looking to the God that has made us who we are.

One major thing that God saw and loved in Abraham was that when God looked at his heart he concluded saying “For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment; that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him” (Gen 18: 19).

We must deliberately raise altars unto God in our family and teach our household to love God.

We must emphasize service to God. You cannot be serving God and your spouse and children do not. You must encourage and even (force them if need be) to do so. They may not like it at first but it will make sense to them soon enough as you encourage and pray for them. It is not good enough for your children to be known as children of the servant of God. Let them also be known as servants and lovers of God. Let us not have the David family life style where he was serving God but his children are busy raping girls and walking in rebellion or the family of Job where the father and husband is busy serving God while the children are only busy throwing weekend and weekday parties and the wife is so used to enjoying life that she would wish for death at the slight turn of fortunes.

We must emphasize kingdom productivity. This is about inviting people to church and winning souls. A family that wins souls is a family of God indeed. It is a family that will never lack joy and celebration because such a family is busy causing heaven to rejoice all the time. A family that wins souls will be like a big tree in the forest. It is surrounded by many small trees and so it is protected. A family that wins souls cannot easily be penetrated by fake fiancés and fiancées. A family that wins souls will not easily be penetrated by evil companions because they have a godly influence on all they encounter.

We must emphasize giving to God. Do not give your children N 5 or N10 to give in church when you give the same children N50 or N100 to go to school on a daily basis. You have to teach them to give to God the best of their first and last. If you succeed in teaching your children to give to God, you would have succeeded in wiping out poverty from your generation forever. This is because those who honour God in giving will enjoy the best God has to offer in this world. You must find a way also of knowing that your children actually gave God what you gave them to give to God. The devil is busy turning their eyes to the biscuit and chewing gum stand and so many are being tempted to spend their offering money on their stomach instead of securing their future by giving it to God.

Beloved, God brought the man and wife together for His own divine purpose. From every family, God desires godly seeds according to Malachi 2: 15. Build godliness in everything and everyone that comes out of your loins.

Protect your marriage from the forces of polygamy and divorce. They are evil and driven by selfishness. These are agents of darkness sent to ruin the purpose of God in your home. No matter what, there is good in your wife. There is some good in your husband. There is a lot of good in your children. Prayerfully and patiently let God use you to bring out the best in your home.

Take the stand for God today in your family and ask God to take His rightful place in your home. Begin to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and your home will be that home that lives for and serves God indeed in Jesus name.

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