Many times, we are weighed down by what we want that we forget even the things we have been graciously blessed with. We ought to know that effective faith comes from remembrance. Remembering what God has given in the past gives us the confidence that what we now need will be accomplished as the things in the past were.

You must know that as a child of God, our imaginations of a better and bigger and more impactful life is not generated in us by ourselves. God is the one that gives us the capacity to desire and when He does that, he expects us to turn it back to Him so He can bring it to pass. We however become so obsessed with the vision and begin to worry about it not knowing that it is a plan from hell abort it. What we need to do to bring dreams to pass is to count our blessings and use them as a point of contact to attract the incoming blessing.

In the same vein, when we are faced with challenges, we must remember the faithfulness of God in the past or else we will not enjoy His present miracles. In the days of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20, the armies of Ammon and Moab and Mount Seir came against Judah. It was so bad that Jehoshaphat feared but he quickly took courage and went to God. In verse 6, he worshipped the Lord and in verse 7, he remembered how that it was God who gave them the land after driving away the inhabitants. In verse 8 and 9, he reminded God of His promise to deliver them when they prayed. Only after that did he present the challenge at hand before the Lord.

He proved that he believed that it was God who gave Israel the land and that it was God who would keep Israel in the land.