In Luke 17: 12- 18, Jesus, entering a village met with ten lepers who stood far away crying unto Him, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us.” Jesus told them to go show themselves to the High Priest and while they were on their way, they all discovered that they were healed.

Scriptures have it that the moment they realized this, one of them “turned back, and with a loud voice glorified God”. He came back to where Jesus was and fell down at His feet in worship. Jesus on seeing this said, “Were there not ten cleansed? but where are the nine? There are not found that returned to give glory to God, save this stranger” for the man was a Samaritan.

You may have noted as I did that Jesus was the one who told them to go to the high priest and it does not sound fair for Him to now be blaming them for not doing a U-turn to come back to Him to show their gratitude.

One thing that the Samaritan showed here was that man’s approval of him could wait, seeing he had a duty to praise God for this great miracle. The rest were too much interested in being accepted back into the free society that they forgot that showing gratitude was more important. They did not realize that the priest could wait. They did not see that the debt of showing gratitude to God was a debt one ought to pay up, even in advance.

You see, you have to be careful about your motive for desiring the gifts of God. God is a giver but He is not pleased when we use His gifts to serve our own selfish interests. Whatever He gives to us are for us to use in showing forth His praise in return. Yes! People will see what God has done for us but He gave us all He has given us so we could use them to point people to Him. We need to remember all He has done for us. We need to remember the giver above those before whom we desire to show off.

The story ended up in verse 19 when Jesus said to him, “Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole.” This man got a better result than the nine who were overwhelmed with the little they had got which was not yet as perfect as God would have it in their lives.

You see, we serve the God who is always able to do more. No matter how excited you are about a particular miracle, God is still able to do more. No matter how great you think and come to believe God is, He is still greater. The only way to reveal more of God in your life is to have a grateful heart and a singing mouth.

That man went to the priest last but by the time he arrived, the priest did not need to test him anymore because he did not even have a sign to show that he was once leprous. He was made WHOLE. Wholeness comes from a true expression of gratitude. Gratitude fills up your life with the transformational power of God. A song writer asks us to count our blessings, naming them one by one. The result would be that you would be surprised at the things God has wrought in your life.

If you escaped that accident or if you have clothes to wear, no matter how faded or even torn and patched or if you have food to eat, no matter how plain or if you have something that others do not have at all or if you have something that others do not have and yet have not even realized how much they needed it for example, Jesus, you have to burst into songs of praise and worship. Having life, even abundant and eternal life in Christ Jesus is worth more than all the prayer points in this world put together.

Be grateful. Be glad. Thank God for where you are and what you have on the way to where you are going to and in the process of receiving what you need. Life is a journey and every true show of gratitude is what generates the fuel to get to the next point.

Do not get weighed down by your frustrations and disappointments. Praise God. Worship Him. Be grateful to Him. I see wholeness coming into your spirit, soul and body in Jesus name. I see wholeness coming upon your relationships, business and finances and over every other aspect of your life in Jesus name