I came in one day, a few weeks back to notice that my ram was lying down in the dust dying. We tried to raise it up but it would fall again to the earth. We called in vet experts and all they said was that we should slaughter it. I went also to the Fulani herdsmen to seek their advice and they also said we should kill and eat but this was not the time we planned to do that.

I then returned home and I remembered that daddy bishop had prayed over our anointing oil during the 2016 Oil of favour conference and told us to use it where necessary that God would show up. I got out my bottle of anointing oil and went and anointed the ram and left it there.

Lo and behold, a few hours later, it had not only stood up, its appetite and strength had returned and it was busy fighting with the other Billy goat. It is still alive and kicking. The anointing works. Praise the Lord!

Eld Nelson I., Ajaokuta