One of my neighbours rushed to my house asking that I should please connect her to my pastor for divine intervention as she just heard news that her niece had just been just been kidnapped and the kidnappers were requesting a sum of N 1.2 million which was way beyond the reach of her parents.

I remembered that our bishop and our pastor had always told us that we also are saviors so in faith I told her that since I was available, she would not need our pastor in the matter. She scoffed but since she had no choice she agreed and I prayed in the name of Jesus that the God at work in this commission should intervene and she left.

She returned to my house to tell me a few days later that the girl was released without money. In her testimony, God favoured her in the kidnappers’ camp so much that they did not tie her up or torture her but the kidnappers even made her morning devotion leader while she was with them. Now I know that God can use any one, even me if we ask in faith. Praise the Lord!

Sis. B., Ajaokuta