changerDaniel had a great cause to bless the name of the Lord in Daniel 2. He speaks of god in verse 21 as he who, “…changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:”

Daniel and his friends were to have been slain by the king along with the other wise men of Babylon for failing to tell the king, both his dream which he dreamt and forgot as well as the meaning.

You see, I deduced that, when the king summoned the wise men of Babylon, the wise men and magicians craftily refused to invite Daniel and his friends, who they all knew to be ten times better than them; they obviously wanted to take the glory for themselves but as God would have it, none of them could tell the king the dream nor its interpretation and their selfishness nearly caused all of them including Daniel and his friends their lives. It was not something they could do of themselves and even the devil who they served could furnish them with such details.

I never cease to laugh at the ‘wise men’ and magicians of Babylon. The wise men of Babylon were so foolish in their wisdom that they were not even wise enough to use worldly wisdom to at least fabricate both a dream and a corresponding interpretation for the king- after all, the king would not be able to argue with them since he had totally forgotten the dream. They should have formed a terrible dream and given him a terrible interpretation since the only detail the king gave them was that the dream was a troubling one.

But Daniel did not need to fabricate a dream nor its interpretation. He just asked for some time to consult with the one, the God who he later described as the one who is “… in heaven that revealeth secrets” He and his friends believed in Jeremiah 33: 3, “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not” and prayed and God showed up in His usually extraordinary faithfulness and revealed both the dream and its interpretation.

I prophesy over you this week that those who seek to exclude you from the place of your exaltation will be humiliated because of you in Jesus name. As a child of God, I decree that God will make you relevant always and make them to always make a fool of themselves in Jesus name.

Daniel and his friends would have died along with the magicians of Babylon but God did not only change that outcome but used them as saviors to the magicians of the land. I decree over your life that you will always be a savior wherever you appear in Jesus name. Because of you, every taxi or vehicle you enter that the devil marks for accident will be safe in Jesus name. God changed their death sentence to life sentence and because He is still God, I decree that death changes to life for you in Jesus name. God who was the God of the widow with the cruse of oil in 2Kings 4 is still God so I decree that your poverty be miraculously changed to prosperity for you this week in Jesus name.

God refused to allow Daniel and his friends be labelled as failed wise men along with the magicians and sorceress of Babylon so He distinguished them. I therefore also decree that your shame be taken away and replaced with honor in Jesus name. According to His word in Luke 21: 15, receive a mouth and a wisdom which none of your adversaries will be able to resist or gainsay this day and henceforth in Jesus name. Your waiting is over. Your wailing is over. Your wanting is over. Your change has come. I command the tables to turn for you now as you read this in Jesus name. Come back with your harvest of testimonies for our God, the unchanging changer has changed your story for good in Jesus name. Amen.