favourTo be favoured is not to attract the help of men. It is to be so noticed by God that He moves men to serve you even at their own cost and many times, against their natural wishes. Bishop will simply say, ‘the summary of favour is help.’ In other words, to be favoured is to be able to attract a helping hand in a world where everyone wants the best for themselves alone. To be favoured is enjoy supernaturally orchestrated attention.

Mephibosheth was born into a life of affluence. He was royalty but he enjoyed it for only the first five years of his life. He entered into a midnight phase of his life even before a quarter of the morning of his life was done. He did not only lose his royal status, he lost both his legs and became a cripple and was doomed to live in the obscure place called Lodebar with ‘one’ Machir. Between 2Samuel chapter 4: 4 where his name and ordeal was first mentioned and 2Samuel 9, he had grown, married and had gotten a son and we can say that at least 16 years must have rolled by and this man could only remember like a dream what it was like to be royalty. His life was as it were, gone. He could hardly help himself as he was living with Mr. Machir, depending on him for sustenance; but that was not his destiny.

The length of time you have spent in that mess is not enough for you to conclude that it is your lot in life. God is not unaware neither is he uncaring. The bible says in Hebrews 4:15, “For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities;” God cares and will restore to you all that you have lost, just like a dream in Jesus name.

God remembered Mephibosheth in 2Samuel 9 and moved David. God gave David a reason to seek the welfare of the house of Saul and in a quick twist of events, Mephibosheth’s princely status was restored. He was given back all the lands of his ancestors. Ziba, a servant of the house of Saul, his grandfather who had suddenly become the landlord of all that the family of Saul owned at the expense of Mephibosheth, a living family member and had even become a father of 15 sons and master over 20 servants was demoted back to his rank and was made to begin to serve Mephibosheth all over again, he and all his sons and servants.

When you become a beneficiary of the power of favour, things begin to happen for you indeed like a dream. Suddenly, people who should hate you just begin to love you. People who looked down on you become dependent on you for survival. Even things you had given up on throw themselves into your laps. The power of favour is that power that can give you a 360 degrees turn around and it comes from God.

Beloved, you are not a cast away. You have not been forgotten. The sins of your fathers are not strong enough to keep you off your destiny. No matter how bad the history of your family is, there will always be a Jonathan in your family who will be the reason for you to be favoured. Even if there is no Jonathan, the relationship you have with God in Jesus Christ is more that all the Jonathans put together. I see help coming for you. I see life taking a better shape for you and I see you ascending to a new level in life in Jesus name.

It’s obvious that David was not even aware that Jonathan had a son but God moved him to seek the welfare of the house of Saul for the sake of Jonathan. They may not even be aware of you but God will move them for your sake.

You have tried to live a God pleasing life but you seem to always fail… the Spirit of the Lord is coming upon you now afresh and God is sending the right persons into your life to help you live for God in the most profitable way. Your life will become a rallying point for others who desire God in Jesus name.

In this season of glad tidings of great joy, I see your day and night dreams coming to pass in Jesus name. All those things you see, and truly desire but brush off because you have concluded that they are ‘just impossible’ are coming to pass for you in Jesus name.

These are your days of favour. Welcome to your new life in Jesus name.

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