fellowshipActs 2:46 makes it clear that the brethren in the  beginning had the practice of “continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart,”

There has never been another time, I think, in the history of the church than now, when brethren are being torn apart even when we still claim that we love each other. Modernization, daily pursuits, self-protection and many other excuses have all come together to tear us apart and we truly seem to have forgotten all about fellowshipping with one another.

We live in times when brethren are much closer to non-believers in their offices than they are to fellow believers. We have become so suspicious of each other that we can no longer share intimate thoughts and this has and is causing us to lose the benefits of the prayer of agreement embedded in Matthew 18: 19. We find ourselves struggling through life all alone when one prayer of agreement could have solved it all as it did for Daniel and his friends in Daniel Chapter 2: 17- 18.

We must return to our first love commands the Lord in Revelation 2. We must begin again to do better than just dishing out cheap complements of ‘you’re looking nice’ to one another only on Sunday morning. We must get back to the time when we loved each other and made out time to visit and communicate with each other. If we would take out time to fellowship more, we would see beyond the Sunday morning good looks to the concerns and challenges our brethren are covering up with nice looking clothes and made up smiles and we would become more effective in loving and leading each other out of our individual challenges.

You see, the early brethren were not lazy people who had nothing to do but to gallivant from house to house seeking the next place to eat the next bread. No! They made it a duty to be there for each other. The created the time to do it. They were sacrificial and each sought the growth of the next person. From verse 42 of Acts 2, we see that they had time to fellowship, encourage each other with the word of faith and pray. They also shared all things in common so much that no one who was in need had to go away without the need being met.

This is why the idea of the house fellowship is important. It is not another church activity. It is a basic requirement if we must grow and become all that the master intends for us to be. We are called like Peter to feed the Lord’s sheep and we can begin to do that by being an active part of a house fellowship.

That is one place where even your presence makes a lot of sense. Fellowshipping together is not all about what we say when we meet, it is more about you being there, with a listening ear, an understanding heart and helping hands whenever there is the need.

Let us return to loving each other; let us return to intimacy with God and one another; let us return to the house church; let us return to the place of true fellowship to the glory of God in Jesus name.

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