UNVEILEDOne thing about God is that He does not create anyone or anything without a purpose. He does not make anything that has no use. I mean there is something glorious about you. God put it there in you and that is the reason why anyone will ever take note of you BUT it is possible to go through life without experiencing it… God forbid.

In proverbs 17: 6, the bible says, “Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.” This simply means that the crown of an old man is in seeing his seed producing seed. That is, the old man is satisfied when he sees that his success does not end with him; that the one he has handed over to, that is, his children also become responsible and fruitful. I pray that your success will be a trans-generational one in Jesus name.

In that same verse, the bible says that “…the glory of children are their fathers.” A father is a guide, a cover, a protector, a teacher, a mentor, a pastor, a corrector and when necessary, a disciplinary. He sees the glory of your future from today and commits himself to partnering with you to making it happen. He keeps his eyes on that your future and tirelessly tries to point you in that direction even while are yet too small in your mind and thinking.

That verse refers to your mentoring or your grooming. Your glory is in the one who brought you up. Put in another way, the one who groomed you determines how glorious your destiny will be. If you were mentored by a man of God, you can be sure of a great destiny. If you were otherwise brought up by one who is critical of everything, the case will be different. In the same vein, a good mechanic is the product of another good mechanic. This also implies your submission to learning under your mentor. His knowledge will not help you to become glorious until you submit to him.

That means that your glory as a son or daughter is rooted in your background. There is something about your background that makes you a candidate for excellent success. It’s not about whether you were born with a silver or wooden spoon. It’s about the fact that there is something and most of all, someone, a father who is pointing you to success.

Young people, you cannot do away with your father or mother. If you have spiritual biological parents, you are most fortunate. Do not think they are overbearing. God commands you in Deuteronomy 5: 16 to honor them and like Jesus in Luke 2: 51 to be subject to them. They may not be as educated as you yet there is something in them that you need if you must not turn out a half-baked or even an unbaked cake. Even Jesus submitted to the baptism of John and take note! God would never have said in Matthew 3: 17 “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” if Jesus had not submitted to John. Submitting to those you are greater than is a prerequisite sign of humility God must see in you to lift you up.

If you do not have spiritual parents, and even where you do, you definitely need a spiritual father. The lack of a spiritual father is accountable for the ship wreck of many these days. I know you are born again and can hear God but you can’t excel without a spiritual father. This is not cheap publicity for us pastors to have disciples by all means, it is a necessary requirement if you must turn out well. Christianity ran through Timothy’s family even to the grandparents yet Apostle Paul still became his spiritual father. His impact in life was founded in his relationship with Paul. His parents were there to guide him till he met his true father in the faith.

My testimony is real. I have godly parents and they did and are still doing their job well but I have gained greater speed under the fathering of the pastor of this commission, His Lordship Bishop Dr. John Ibenu. In him I met a man with whom I can clearly relate with as a spiritual father and overtime, I have also began to see manifesting in the lives of several of us who have submitted to his fatherhood, the developing traits of a father. You see, if you must become a champion, you must get set to relate intimately with a champion.

If you are a child of a man of God, then you are fortunate and can have all in one. The key word is submission to instruction. Proverbs 22: 29 is desirable, “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.” Every young person wants to stand before kings but if you must stand to manifest, you must first sit at the mentor’s feet to take instruction.

You see, the glory of young men is also in their strength says Proverbs 20: 29 but you still need to sit at the mentor’s feet or else your strength could be your undoing as you may never know how, where and when to channel it. Apollos was strong in faith but could not do much until Priscilla and Aquila mentored him and helped him channel his spiritual strength in the right direction. It took Barnabas to help John Mark even discover his strength and to deploy it in God. John Mark became so good that Paul who once rejected him sent for him saying in 2Timothy 4: 11, “for he is profitable to me for the ministry.”

I beseech you this day by the mercies of God as the Apostle Paul will say, stop running away from your helpers. Many got burnt before they realized this. Many are failing in ministry, business and life generally because they are fatherless and mentor-less.

There is something glorious about you. There is a place you are meant to occupy. Your efforts are good but may never be good enough to get you there. God didn’t create you to achieve your destiny alone. He has ordained you to be carried on the shoulders of men he has designated. You will see farther if you will stand on the shoulder of your father and if you can see farther, I know you will achieve more in record time.

Your glory needs unveiling, and God has provided you a helping hand in your father. Please connect properly in Jesus name.