Chapel of Freedom Int’l


In November 1983, the Lord visited Rt. Rev. (Dr.) John Ibenu, then a medical student. In that extra- ordinary visitation, the Lord took him into a three section hall filled to capacity with people, most of whom he knew.

The people were gathered in that hall and a pulpit and a bible were present but there was no teacher or pastor. One person in the hall on seeing him stepped out with the bible and said to him, “we are here and a bible is here but we have no pastor or teacher but we were informed that you are coming to pastor and teach us.

The person handed the bible to the Bishop and said preach to us. He took the bible, opened it and as he began to teach, he woke up. It was thereafter the Lord told the General superintendent to begin ministry among his people.

This necessitated his eventual exit from Zaria to start ministry among his people even though he was already an itinerant preacher for an upward of eight years.

The ministry started as Global Restoration Ministries in 1984 and metamorphosed into John Ibenu Ministries in December 1990.

In a 10-day prayer and fasting programme involving the General Superintendent and his wife in December 1990, the Lord spoke prophetically and clearly on December 4, 1990 that it was time to leave Zaria to go start the work so in January 1991, the General Superintendent moved to Makurdi, Benue State and started a weekly bible teaching in June. This he combined with his itinerant ministry.

In August 1991, when Kogi State was created, the General Superintendent asked the Lord what to do and the answer was “Elisha followed Jehoram and Jehoshaphat to the war front” (2 Kings 3) and based on this, the General Superintendent followed Kogites to Lokoja.

On May 2, 1992, while preaching in Enugu and Onitsha, God spoke to him to come back home and establish a local church assembly whose name was to come from John 8: 32, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

On July 5, 1992, the church started in class 3b of St. Luke Anglican Model Nursery and Primary School, Adankolo, Lokoja with two members. By 1995, a permanent site building commenced at Adankolo New layout and it was roofed in March 1996.

By August 1996, the Lord reminded the General Superintendent about the November 1983 vision. And it was clear then that the hall was exactly the same hall he saw in 1983 to the very last detail. The auditorium was extended in 2001 prior to the General Superintendent consecration as Bishop.

The ministry has since grown into five districts- Lokoja, Abuja, Ankpa, Dekina-Bassa and Benue with over sixty growing branches in all.